Our approach to The Tailor is through the lens of conscious fashion because ensuring we create positive social impact through any work we undertake is crucial to us and lies at the heart of our business values.

There is more we want to do with The Tailor than to just make people look good.

As a step in that direction, we have taken a step towards protecting the 4 pawed best friends.

Our impact-driven business model means every time you purchase a product, you contribute INR 5 towards the welfare of the dogs.

We want you to know that with every product you buy, you take part in this movement towards a better, safer India for these adorable beauties.



 The decisions you make as a consumer have a far greater impact than you can imagine. From sustainable production and working conditions to animal welfare and the environment - you make a choice of what you choose to support with every purchase you make.

That is why we strive on creating one such legacy with a purpose.