About US


The Brand Inspiration by The Founder

The Tailor has been something which has been very close to my heart. I have such deep roots connected to it that I feel I was born with the traits.
My father has been a Master Tailor for the last 40 years. Even today, he continues to create unique identities for people: a kindergarten kid, a bridegroom, a policeman. He has served them all and made them fall in love with his art. I have been a loyal customer since the age of 3, having worn custom hand-stitched clothes that always fit perfectly. 

For me, ‘’The Tailor’’ always meant more than my father’s occupation column in the school admission form. The Tailor for me is a person who threads his own path against all odds, stitching his way to the top. That is what I intend to do with this brand.
The Tailor is not just about men’s accessories but a freedom of expression. Expressing more, Living More, Winning More. Every product here reflects the quirky Gentleman that has always been hidden inside you. 
We are sculpting dapper Gentlemen out of the herd of Boys. Join Us in this movement #thetailoredmen and help us bring that chivalry filled era back!